2019 IHBB/Quiz Bowl Training Workshop #2

The 2nd Singapore IHBB/Quiz Bowl Training Workshop of 2019 will be taking place on the 6th of June from 9am-1pm at Bukit Batok Secondary School.  Like previous editions, this event is organised by SGQB Head Editor Boyang.

The objective of the workshop is to ensure that participants perform as well as possible in the upcoming IHBB Asian Championships Tournament in Thailand. Unlike in previous editions, this workshop will not cover a specific content area. Rather, there will be a short lecture on soft skills and techniques necessary for players to gain an edge over competitors of similar capabilities. At the championship level, soft skills and techniques more often than not play as important a role in a team’s success as overall knowledge, and as such it is necessary for teams to be proficient in them to maximize their performance.

Furthermore, this workshop will feature a mini-tournament among attending schools which offers students an opportunity to train on the buzzer against strong opponents prior to the Asian championships. It will also be a valuable chance for the students of the IHBB/Quiz Bowl circuit in Singapore to meet and interact with each other!

The session will likely be around 4 hours and will be a free session. Do note that this is not an official IHBB/IAC event, but rather one which Boyang is voluntarily organising in his capacity as a member of the local Quiz Bowl community. Other members of the SGQB editing team may also be present at the training session to assist in the running of the session.

If you would like to attend this event or have any queries, please feel free to contact Boyang at houboyang980817@hotmail.com . As of now, this event is nearly full, so be sure to email ahead in order to secure your spots. We hope to see you there!

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