What is Quiz Bowl?

A Quiz Bowl tournament is a buzzer-based competition in which teams compete head-to-head to answer questions from all areas of knowledge, including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, popular culture, sports, and more. Quiz Bowl as a whole is a new and fast growing circuit in Singapore, and it is connected to a massive global circuit with tens of thousands of players from around the world. In Western countries, particularly the United States and UK, it is a major competition circuit and skilled competitors at the high school level frequently go on to attend prestigious universities, which often themselves compete extensively in college level Quiz Bowl Competitions. One of the most famous Quiz Bowl competitions in the world is the renowned University Challenge in Britain, a highly popular televised competition for British universities.

Quiz Bowl is distinguished from normal quizzing competitions by the fact that it employs a pyramidal question model, in which clues about a subject appear in descending difficulty. This model encourages in depth understanding of content rather than merely memorizing “trivia”. Furthermore, almost all content in Quiz Bowl tournaments are academic in nature, with pop culture or other trivia appearing only very occasionally.

The most popular variant of Quiz Bowl played in Singapore is the History Bee and Bowl organised by IHBB. It focuses more on knowledge of history, but other areas such as literature, fine arts, etc are very much still required. Students who perform well in IHBB are given the opportunity to compete at the International History Olympiad, a bi-annual event attended by many of the world’s best history students. Another popular tournament is the NAQT tournament, a more traditional form of Quiz Bowl which does not place emphasis on any specific area.

The Singapore Quiz Bowl circuit is always welcoming to new schools and players, and we look forward to seeing more new faces at tournaments. Do contact us if you have any queries!

More information about IHBB and NAQT can be found at their respective websites



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